What we do

Our team of committed and experienced professionals provide a wide range of pre hospital, occupational and preventive health services. These include;

Emergency Medical Response

We offer dial in first aid advice in emergency situations and have capacity to deploy a fully equipped ICU ambulance for patient transport. We operate a pre enrolled scheme which provides access to above services at a very affordable cost.

Medical Transport

We liaise with hospitals to ensure patient safety during hospital to hospital transfers or movement for investigations. We do this by providing access to state of the art fully equipped Intensive care ambulances for patient transport and safety. Ambulance is accompanied by trained personnel to attend to needs of patient during transportation.

Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Management / Training

We develop and deliver ‘Employee Wellness Programs’ tailored to your organisational needs. This includes but is not limited to trainings on First aid in the Workplace and Occupational Safety.

Aviation and Travel Health

Genesis Medevac provides technical advice, patient preparation, airline clearance assistance, escort support and professional medical escort services to sick persons planning travel in commercial airlines. This is in addition to massive awareness campaigns on the safety aspects of air travel and service provided by airlines towards ensuring the safety of all its passengers.

Home Healthcare

Socio environmental factors play a large part in determining if patients with chronic diseases achieve good control, prevention of complications and rehabilitation. Hence Genesis Medevac provides home care services to patient with select chronic diseases to bridge the gap between preventive, curative and rehabilitative medicine.

We work to demystify factors that militate against achievement of set therapeutic targets by providing follow up interaction with patients outside the clinic setting. We also partner with professional third party social care service providers to facilitate adherence to medications, life style modifications, and help clients work round challenges to full attainment of treatment goals.

Medical Coverage for Events

We deploy a team of health professionals to attend to health issues arising during your social events. We provide first aid and ambulance coverage for emergencies so that you are assured of the health and safety of participants.